I Watched Her Cum by Jay Miner

I watched her cum
Like a comet
or a brain aneurysm from god

Jay Miner
Writer/Photographer Jay Miner has a vast array of artist credits to his name as well as editing and publishing. He has edited and published his own print ‘zine The Rebels Advocate and served as co-editor for The-Hold.com. In print his work has appeared in several self-published chapbooks as well as Wooden Head Review, Peshekee River, and extensively in FUCK! Online credits include The-Hold, Mipo, Mindfire, Lucid Moon, Unlikely Stories, and Red Focks on Facebook. As a spoken word artist he has been commissioned to read at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and his spoken word recordings were chosen as a Buffalo News local record pick of the week. The novelette Bulls in a China Shop is his latest effort and includes a collection of his photography intertwined with the writing.

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