Second Hand Smoke by Carl “Papa” Palmer

retorted with husky voice
through puffed streams
of freshly used fumes

“just a rumor” rasping
an aroma of burnt tar

“not proven” as she
pops a breath mint
ahems her phlegm

flips the spent butt after
one last lung filled drag

refreshes her perfume
and reenters the bar
after enjoying a quick
breath of clean fresh air

Carl Papa Palmer
Carl “Papa” Palmer of Old Mill Road in Ridgeway VA now lives in University Place WA. He has a 2015 Seattle Metro contest winning poem riding buses somewhere in Emerald City. Carl, president of The Tacoma Writers Club is a Pushcart Prize and Micro Award nominee. MOTTO: Long Weekends Forever



5 thoughts on “Second Hand Smoke by Carl “Papa” Palmer

  1. This is a very funny poem by my friend, Carl “Papa” Palmer. The husky-voiced woman is in denial, as she escapes the smoke-free zone in the bar to poison OUR air with “second hand” smoke. The joke is on her, because there is really no clean air anywhere. 🙂

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