Oscillating Electric Volta by Nick Romeo

I woke up from my sleep
because a Centaur’s hooves
contacted my ear
the horseshoes rang
off my fillings

Cerberus stole my gaze
he chased his tail
running in circles
braiding his heads
as he barked hysterically

I got out of bed
and threw him a bone
he waged his tail panting
I pat the middle head
“good doggie”

I walked to the kitchen
passing a strip poker game
Titans versus Sirens
Sirens are winning

I opened the fridge
Khione passed a Gatorade
“Thanks I love the hair today”
she smiled then disappeared
behind the hot sauce and milk

the drink is snatched from my hand
by Adonis and Apollo as they pass
wearing only smiles, sandals, and capes
they were out for a midnight run
always staying fit

I spun around to find Hades standing close
cloaked with his usual sullen face
“Whew you need a Tic Tac
you’re breath smells like death”
Hades replied “Huh”

I raised my voice to all present
“I go to work in several hours
so keep quiet if you value your lives”
I’m also worried the neighbors
will report me again

I went back to bed and dreamt
that I was Zeus wearing a Zoot suit
while robbing a liquor store
I drank a bottle of Chivas
then danced and fired lightning bolts

the cops busted through the door
armed with assault rifles
and megaphones shouting
“Fire at Will, Fire Drill, Fire at Will”
bullets zip past my head

I wake up at the office
with my boss leaning in my face
“You slept through the fire drill
you slept through the whole day
you’re fired”

Nick Romeo is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and writer.  His writings have been published in various literary magazines such as Uppagus, The Gambler, StreetCake Magazine, Eye Contact, Syzygy, and others.  He was interviewed for Pankhearst’s Fresh Featured of December 2015 and The Dailey Poet Site of February 2016. Nick lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his wife and cat, Megatron.

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