Having A Smoke With Norvel by Michael Magee

For Norvel Trosst 

Dead soldiers in a box
with white heads lying
side by side in rank
and file waiting to be
awakened by a touch
at my command.

I pull out the incense stick
light it up, flash point
with a stroke slowly
the smoke begins to rise
and curl from a red bead
burning to the end.

You rise up in smoke
out of your ashes
with your Cheshire grin,
old friend, materialize
by sleight of hand as we
share this tok of sandlewood.

Michael Magee
Michael Magee lives in Tacoma, Washington He worked for Billy Smart’s Circus in London, read at Shakespeare and Co, Paris and on BBC radio while he was in England. He’s survived, women, cancer and diabetes and is survived by himself.


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