My Cancer by Aidan Thorn

My cancer has been kind to me
Not how I felt originally
But time has past and wounds they heal
I was never even truly ill
Guess I’m lucky, it’s strange to say
It could have come and not gone away

Coping is hard, for a fit young mind
Understanding was something hard to find
The numbness was first, and then came denial
Devastation took over and lasted a while
Then apathy griped me and held on tight
Draining from me the passion and fight

Months passed me by and I couldn’t move on
Stuck in that day when the world did me wrong
Questioning, resentful, hate-filled and bitter
Watching my life blow away with the litter
But all the time knowing I needed to change
As I had a life that could not stay the same

When I was cleared I imagined a new zest for living
But it never came which was further depressing
I wanted to pull myself out from the cloud
But at the same time felt I wasn’t allowed
I needed to put myself back with the living
Because that’s were I was despite my misgivings

Gradually time healed and the cloud had a lift
And I took a new view of my unwanted gift
See it taught me what friends are, the people that care
It helped me grow stronger yet made me aware
That I wont live forever and that life sets you tests
See my cancers been kind to me, god bless the rest

Aidan Thorn is from Southampton, England. His short fiction has appeared in Byker Books Radgepacket series, the Near to the Knuckle Anthologies: Gloves Off and Rogue, Exiles: An Outsider Anthology, The Big Adios Western Digest and Shadows & Light as well as online in numerous mags. and ezines. His first short story collection, Criminal Thoughts was released in 2013 and his second, Urban Decay, was published by Grit Fiction in 2015. In September 2015 Number 13 Press published Aidan’s first novella, When the Music’s Over.

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