The Big News is No News at All by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

She stuffed a small pillow under her shirt
and posed the pictures in such a way
that she was caressing her belly
and she sent the pictures to friends
and family
who congratulated her on being pregnant
and she got one of those “Baby on Board” stickers
put on her back window
just like all her pregnant friends had
and starting parking in the spots reserved for expecting mothers
and no one knew anything was up until
someone asked how far along she was
and she answered that a good woman never tells
and when they asked about the father
she said he was in prison
and when they asked which prison
she told them the big one
with bars.

Then the pillow fell out one afternoon
while talking to a friend in a CVS parking lot.
She picked it up, dusted it off and said she had decided
to name it Amy.
Then she sped off with Amy in tow.
And word got around as it does,
that she had not.

RyanQuinnFlanagan - UltraViolet Reading
Ryan Quinn Flanagan is a happily unmarried proud father of none. His work can be found both in print and online in such joints as Your One Phone Call, Horror Sleaze Trash, and Dead Snakes. He has an affinity for dragonflies, discount tequila, and all things sarcastic.

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