Charge of the Snore Brigade by Devin Taylor

Yawns copulate, breezing
Z’s—these pillow-stuffings,
futon-fodder. I couldn’t
sleep better if I tried
lucid snoring—bleeding
this hokey-pokey daze,
into my work days:
feet propped atop desk,
controlling the timbre,
and the tone, though never
the frequency; some
things are outside of us,
like Ambien ambivalence
—this fatigue made gift,
shielding-from stapler monotony
and copier cacophony.

Devin Taylor
Devin Taylor studies English and Creative Writing at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. He reads poetry at open mic-nights all over the Washington DC area, sometimes under the pseudonym “Chuck E. Cheese.” He has been published in The Lake and The Poeming Pigeon and has forthcoming publications in Gargoyle 65, Five 2 One, and the inaugural issue of Silicon Heart Zine. He plays electric kazoo and eats his fruit and vegetables.


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