Accompanied By Wasps by J.S.Watts

All my life I have
been accompanied by wasps

All memory’s length
they are a lifetime chorus.
Drill-bit drone eating
life’s sweetness. Each fire-sharp threat
a promise of what’s to come.

J.S.Watts - cropped
J.S.Watts’ poetry and prose appear in publications in Britain, Canada, Australia and the States and have been broadcast on BBC and Independent Radio. She has published five books: two poetry collections, “ Years Ago you Coloured Me” and “Cats and Other Myths” and a multi-award nominated poetry pamphlet, “Songs of Steelyard Sue”, published by Lapwing Publications and two novels, “A Darker Moon” – dark literary fantasy, and “Witchlight” – paranormal romance, published in the US and UK by Vagabondage Press. See

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