Aftermath of a Ransacked Hotel Bedroom, (Galway, June 1997) by John Doyle

An obedient ocean observed me,
now it’s started to police my thoughts,
Poseidon – I think that’s close enough;
I’ll slip behind battered currachs.
liminal guard to Grace and Katie’s
lives –
etched in love hearts
and refusing to
budge, from this loud-mouthed literate sand,
these sole-poking stones
are jagged, damp, and timeless,
sisterly words
and a fantasy world,
brew a thunder storm inside my skull

John Doyle
John Doyle Bio: The only good bio is a bio strung-up outside some gold-prospector’s wooden shack with his dog Jake sniffing at its last remaining remnants of sanguine flesh; So I will keep it simple, I’m from County Kildare, Ireland, and I love nothing more than stumbling across 3rd Division football games in Slovenia or Belgium on a Sunday morning as a welcome interlude while trying outsmart fellow bio hunters.

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