Sleeper: eyes open by J.S.Watts

Reaching out through flowers to shapes of plenty,
that place between sleeping and waking where the dreams pour in,
remember too many rainbows equal a nightmare –
divine equation for the hunted soul;
Actaeon and the hounds of stolen love.
Never stop, never give in,
the dogs are always running,
black hound breath, tongues lolling madly.
Just dream on till the world turns dark
and there are no more moons to be seen:
the eyes-open sleeper seeking protection against the night.

J.S.Watts - cropped
J.S.Watts’ poetry and prose appear in publications in Britain, Canada, Australia and the States and have been broadcast on BBC and Independent Radio. She has published five books: two poetry collections, “ Years Ago you Coloured Me” and “Cats and Other Myths” and a multi-award nominated poetry pamphlet, “Songs of Steelyard Sue”, published by Lapwing Publications and two novels, “A Darker Moon” – dark literary fantasy, and “Witchlight” – paranormal romance, published in the US and UK by Vagabondage Press. See

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