Tired Of Torch Singing by Alfonso Colasuonno

We blew the candles out
And watched the wax meld into the frosting
Upon the return of the prodigal
Tipping our glasses to our tragic hero
Until they overfilled on pathos
Gravitas served with diner fries
And two or three half-swilled Cokes
Straws bent, knives unused
Forks dirty, a spoon on the floor
We ordered another round for him
And another and another
Until we couldn’t count our blessings
We raised our glasses
And sunk our chins
Our jutted jaws slanted towards the barstools
And the conversation so slow
Coughs, a laugh, stilted lines
Parliaments fished out and passed around
And when we reached the A on 168
Drunk and subdued
Smelling of warning labels and crossbones
We waited patiently for the train
And once inside
For our own cakes
Decorated with looped frosting
And an appropriate number of candles
But mostly, for a large gust of wind.

Alfonso Colasuonno
Alfonso Colasuonno is a writer, actor, filmmaker and a not-totally-full-of-shit entrepreneur. He lives in Baltimore with his fiancée, a wild animal, and the ghosts of John Waters films past. Alfonso serves as the Poetry Editor for Beautiful / Losers Magazine (http://beautifullosersmagazine.wordpress.com).



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