Self-title by Nicholas Sollitto

You know that feeling you get
When you’re walking around
And you forget
That it’s just another person

But you see demons below the surface
Cutting into you with their eyes
They saw right through your disguise

You know that situation that arises
When you’re just trying to survive
But you have to hide it
From the one you love most

They’re all after me
I have so many plans
But there is a war in my mind
And shackles on my hands

Help me friends
I’m supposed to be free

A mental floatation device
But I’m 20,000 leagues under the sea
I don’t know who that masked figure will be
But I’m asking for my savior, please.

Nicholas Sollitto
Nicholas Sollitto is a creative individual who specializes in poetry. His work has appeared in magazines such as Afflatus and InkStain Press. Nicholas’s new video for his original poem, “Where do shooting stars go?” is coming out soon. One can find and follow Nicholas Sollitto on Twitter @wordsbyns.

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