Why Did I Kiss Him? by David Susswein

why did i kiss him,
eyes turning upwards to the last socket
bracing emotion downwards,
locking my eyes to see only feet and plastic tiled floor,

i kissed him on his cheek, stubbling rough,
i was told he look startled and surprised,
not as surprised as i, when i held his hand in both mine
and kissed his cheek, eyes shut

he must have been a bit shocked,
i didn’t want any extra turmoil of my heartful grinding
to a death that had already come.

I kissed him with my eyes blinded,
by grief.

David Susswein
I struggle for my voice to be heard above the din. I’m an no-one, and my non-entity is not a debatable issue. I find it strange that Envoi, Dreamcatcher, Morphrog.com and scarletleafreview.com have agreed to publish me. Most, more sensibly, have not////

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