Trumpiness by Jennifer Lagier

“A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” – Paul Simon

A sea of white men
sprinkled with pale, rabid women
seethes in Dionysian ecstasy,
the orgasmic relief of rejecting
political correctness, civil discourse,
fact-based assertions.

The Donald, Lord of the Flies,
ascends his podium,
whips followers into frenzy,
vows to Make America Great Again
by building walls, expelling people of color,
keeping those unruly bitches barefoot, pregnant,
tethered to masterful husbands.

Evangelicals who grew apoplectic
over Michelle’s naked shoulders
accept imported bride Melania’s
nude playboy photos,
plagiarized speech,
trophy wife number three.

Brownshirt GOP operatives
work convention floor,
rile racists and xenophobes
into a lynch mob
by invoking the name
of arch-enemy rival,
Hillary Clinton.

Through it all, the media sleeps,
misses subversive coup,
democracy manhandled into
a narcissistic oligarch’s wet dream.

Jennifer Lagier is a disillusioned ex-hippie in search of a more rational country. Failing that, would settle for amusing companions to await upcoming apocalypse.

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