A Broken Heart & An Empty Pack of Cigarettes by Jason Cueto

So I’ve spent all damn night…
Trying to say this right….
Trying to get the right words
To Write this wrong…..
With you it’s always a fight
You think your always right
Well times are changin
And you might just be in for a surprise…
I was a fool, you were a bitch
Fell in love, and I woke up with a twitch
A broken heart and an empty pack of cigarettes
I should have known it was too good to be true….
Been sitting here all day…
Trying to get out this stain
You left on my brain and
find a way back from your insanity
Now I don’t know wrong from right
Can’t stop trying to fight this
I can’t seem to find anyway out….
Maybe it’s wrong tonight…..but it feels so right.
Let’s forget about tomorrow and just be here now…
So I was a fool…..you were a bitch
I fell in love, you gave me a twitch
A broken heart and an empty pack of cigarettes
So many times I wanted to quit …before it ever got to this
But I was a fool—-you were a bitch…..I fell in love,
Woke up with a twitch, a broken heart and an empty pack of Cigarettes
You put my broken heart in your empty pack of cigarettes…

Jason Cueto
Jason Cueto is a writer, guitar player and all around creative misfit. Jason’s writings have appeared in Issues 2&3 of Ravenscage Ezine, Sick Lit magazine, as well as on Steemit & Facebook. For more of his work or to connect please visit and like: http://www.Facebook.com/fallenangelsandsecondhandhalos Follow http://Www.Twitter.com/jayceace23

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