The Secret Self by Strider Marcus Jones

go on, fly
in cobolt sky
doing things you can’t say
random anyway-
out of sounds and words
above the hounds and herds.

see beyond
cold concrete stood on clay,
inside absurd wronged
images dismay-
and cast off doubt about
the mask we wear without:

for what is self-
displayed to others on a shelf
to touch and read the label,
or buy and taste with pleasure on feasts table-
while holding back
the secret self, for someone we lack.

Strider Marcus Jones
Strider Marcus Jones – is a poet, law graduate and ex civil servant from Salford, England with proud Celtic roots in Ireland and Wales. A member of The Poetry Society, his five published books of poetry http//…. reveal a maverick moving between forests, mountains, cities and coasts playing his saxophone and clarinet in warm solitude. His poetry has been published in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, India and Switzerland in numerous publications.

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