Prostrate Examination by Rodney Wood

Pull down your trousers and pants
lie on the couch
curl up and face the wall

I heard the smack of gloves on wrists
the pumping of lubricant
all for the sake of my little bum hole

“Don’t worry it won’t hurt”, said the Doctor
A door was opening
the sound of footsteps down the hall

Then the sweat of a horse
growing fainter and fainter

Silence, hooves clatter towards me
running and I can see
the latex glove, the index finger extended

The Doctor is coming through the door
he’s coming all the way
the finger pointing like a lance

“There, told you it wouldn’t hurt.”
It was over
and I felt disappointed somehow.

Because it ended with a whimper
rather than a bang and a trip
to A&E with an embarrassed looking Doctor

Rodney Wood is retired and lives in Farnborough. Currently holds the flag for the Woking Stanza and revising a novel, The Poet Assassin. His work has recently appeared in magazines such as Tears in the Fence, South, The Frogmore Papers, Message in a Bottle, The Lake and Stride.

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