Shows by Stephen Watt

Knotted in neon,
their immaculate faces
are illuminated in amber
by the Ferris Wheel,
by pink Santa candy floss beards.
The Shows are in town,
trumpeting souped-up tango
with jangly indie pop,
thrill rides that do not stop
until fist-cannibalism
and fizzy balloon hearts
become champagne corks
or alcopops
pulsing in scraggy goth chests.
Stilts stem from shadows
wearing dark Doc Martens,
a soiled, scrunched napkin
tossed from a purring dodgem;
half a hot dog,
sawn from scrotum.
Small ghosts flit between rides
like skins of a tantrum,
more sugar than bone
and the strongman game
separates the boys from the men,
              turns a mallet into bait,
              turns a chime into a grail.

Stephen Watt is the author of the poetry collections ‘Spit’ and ‘Optograms’. Stephen’s work has been published in Germany, USA, Mexico, Australia and the UK. Stephen has recently performed at the crime-writing festival Bloody Scotland and been appointed Dumbarton Football Club’s Poet-in-Residence.



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