Dave’s Big Society by Bradford Middleton

Kids scream outside and the kids who they belong to scream along too
But me, I just sit here thinking
What will it be like when there are only kids?
The kids are running the country and the bastards have painted everything blue because there are just some who are naturally Tory
And they’ve banned votes for people who didn’t attend Eton and the voting age has been reduced to 11 and anyone who is over 65 and doesn’t own a castle gets free euthanasia treatment
“Why would they want to live and not be useful citizens?” asks a cryogenetically frozen Dave Cameron, then aged 48 but now timeless, our new supreme leader
It’s the worst state of hell
There are military roving our streets taking out homeless beggars who in turn are then shovelled into huge waste-bins and taken away
Everyone is rich and young, so very very young and they all have perfect smiles and always look immaculate
And their job, their mind-numbing, soul-crushing job, that is their existence as it would be too much to call it any kind of life
But everyone seems happy with their 128 inch TV sets and their latest clothes, they all just shop or work
All bars have long since shut-down as there was no demand for a pint at just £9 when you could by a crate from the shop for even less
And even then people don’t drink and no one smokes which means the NHS is broke
So all the poor people just had to die for Dave to get his perfectly formed Big Society

Bradford Middleton was born in London in the summer of 1971 but didn’t begin writing poetry until he was 36 when he landed in Brighton.  He has a couple of chapbooks available, Drink Drank Drunk from Crisis Chronicles Press (Ohio, USA) and A Life Like This Ain’t For the Faint-Hearted from Holy & Intoxicated Press (Hastings, UK) as well as lots of material available online and in print.  Some of the places that have published his work include Zygote in my Coffee, Five Poetry, Ppigpenn, Rapoetics, Chicago Record, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, Section 8 Magazine, Mad Swirl, Your One Phone Call, Dead Snakes and Empty Mirror.  He tweets occasionally @beatnikbraduk. 


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