Dreaming Of A City Of Angels Reunion by Bradford Middleton

Autumn veers into the horizon and oddly enough all I can think of
Is the City of Angels, a place on the other side of the world to where
I now sit

This past week has been one of strange bizarre events, firstly
A chance to get out of town and go visit somewhere else that
I hadn’t been to since I was a young child

Then the unexpected reunion which wouldn’t have happened if
I’d got the train I was intending to so for once grateful to be late
As I hear that mid-Atlantic drawl

Is that you? Came the voice from out of the blue as our gaggle
Smoked roll-ups whilst waiting for the train and as I turned I
Couldn’t quite believe my eyes

Before us stood a couple, one of whom was Vera
A dear old friend who we meet on holiday many years ago
I was fifteen and we were in the old Soviet bloc

At first Mum told me to avoid the noisy Americans
And by the end of the first week we were inseparable
As friendship bloomed and we ain’t looked back since

Then a few weeks ago I dreamt of them over there
And by some bizarre twist of fate the following day
I got a call telling me that her husband had died but

That Vera was coming to Europe and would be spending
A few days here in sunny Brighton but technology
Messed up our meet until that fateful moment outside the train station

She stayed and we chatted, my young friends dazzled by her presence
As she started telling tales of old San Franciscan poets who she’d known
Back in the day and how her life was now

All seemed well and she suggested a meet-up the following morning
For a drink and chat and all I could bring myself to think about
Was that city on the other side of the world as pictures of Santa Monica

Were shared and times caught up on as it had been a long
Old while since we’d last seen each other, back in London
Another life, almost a decade before

Bradford Middleton was born in London in the summer of 1971 but didn’t begin writing poetry until he was 36 when he landed in Brighton.  He has a couple of chapbooks available, Drink Drank Drunk from Crisis Chronicles Press (Ohio, USA) and A Life Like This Ain’t For the Faint-Hearted from Holy & Intoxicated Press (Hastings, UK) as well as lots of material available online and in print.  Some of the places that have published his work include Zygote in my Coffee, Five Poetry, Ppigpenn, Rapoetics, Chicago Record, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, Section 8 Magazine, Mad Swirl, Your One Phone Call, Dead Snakes and Empty Mirror.  He tweets occasionally @beatnikbraduk. 

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