For Emily, By Any Other Name by JB Mulligan

“Forever – is composed of Nows – ”
That sounds about right.  We hold
our hands out in forever rains,
watch as the seeds of memories
gather and spill through our fingers
as they thin and wrinkle, bloom clusters
of spots, curve crooked like claws
that snatch escaping sky and water
as if they could ever leave.

Oh look there’s – Christ she was
beautiful always, wherever she is.

Places, faces, walls and windows
reflect and vanish, kaleidoscope
into a river of moments and seasons
and years, oh my, how they
cluster like grapes and stars,
hills and vineyards, down to the sea
of everything, as if it could hold us,
as if we could hold forever.

JB Mulligan has had poems and stories in several hundred magazines over the past 40 years, has had two chapbooks published: The Stations of the Cross and THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS, and two e-books, The City Of Now And Then, and A Book of Psalms (a loose translation from the Bible). He has appeared in several anthologies, among them, Inside/Out: A Gathering Of Poets; The Irreal Reader (Cafe Irreal); and multiple volumes of Reflections on a Blue Planet.

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