Grandma’s Teeth by Aidan Thorn

Grandma’s teeth made her face look right
Grandma’s teeth made her smile bright
Grandma’s teeth would wear stick meant for lips
And they’d shine in my eyes before a slobbering kiss

Grandma’s teeth sat in a glass by the bed
Making Grandma a little short in the head
Grandma’s teeth haven’t moved for a while
Because Grandma’s gone, and so has my smile

Aidan Thorn is from Southampton, England. His short fiction has appeared in Byker Books Radgepacket series, the Near to the Knuckle Anthologies: Gloves Off and Rogue, Exiles: An Outsider Anthology, The Big Adios Western Digest and Shadows & Light as well as online in numerous mags. and ezines. His first short story collection, Criminal Thoughts was released in 2013 and his second, Urban Decay, was published by Grit Fiction in 2015. In September 2015 Number 13 Press published Aidan’s first novella, When the Music’s Over.

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