Faint by Nina Athena Radke

Faint glimmer, frosted slivers
Gold edging into emerald centers
Orbs glistening with remorse
No ill intention at mention.
No bitterness, no tension.
Just acceptance wrapped
in a gaze missed
Eyes opened, my direction.

Nina Athena Radke has been ordering words around and crafting tales ever since she first learned to write. Ms. Radke is the author of four collections of poetry & prose, Off the Beaten Path, In Retrospect, Dreamtales, and The Best of Nina Athena. Ms. Radke was most recently featured on Creative Talents Unleashed, Tangent Literary, and New York Literary. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Buffalo State College, this freelance writer/publisher has been editing and publishing for over a decade. As founder of DreamMiners Publishing, Ms. Radke has produced over a dozen novels and literary collections.



3 thoughts on “Faint by Nina Athena Radke

  1. very nice – look beyond the eyes which is nearly impossible – this woman’s ear is astounding – no ill intention at mention


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