Pestilence in Our Most Heartfelt Prayers by Benjamin Blake

Nothing can be forgotten
Cut and stab and it just won’t die
Looking sexually attractive is a career choice now
Where’s old Jack when he could be used

Forked tongues
That are as much use
Cut from a slackened jaw
As they are intact

What we need is a swift plague
To purge this neverending scourge
The new world is a scorched earth wasteland
With cadavers for class captain candidates
And machines where our hearts
once were

Benjamin Blake was born in the July of 1985, and grew up in the small town of Eltham, New Zealand. He is the author of the poetry and prose collections, A Prayer for Late October, Southpaw Nights, and Reciting Shakespeare with the Dead. His debut novel, The Devil’s Children, was published this October. Find more of his work at



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