Mr Hirsh Short Concerto by Hanoch Guy

Unmatched saucers and cups smash
Pans bang pots.
Sleeping cats given marching orders
to red mice.
Door knobs fall.
Faucets glued.
Bumble bees swarm dance with trombones .
Jacob with a flaming hair
Throws a drum tantrum
Pregnant women cello trio tune
and yawn .

Hanoch Guy spent his childhood and youth in Israel surrounded by citrus orchards ,water melon fields and invading sand dunes. He is a bilingual poet in Hebrew and English,.
Hanoch is emeritus professor of Jewish and Hebrew literature  in Temple University
He has taught mentoring and poetry classes in the Musehouse center in Philly.
Hanoch has published poetry extensively the US,Israel and the UK in Genre,Poetry Newsletter, Tracks , the International Journal of Genocide studies Poetry Motel,Visions International,Voices Israel and several times in Poetica where he won an award
He has also won an award in the Mad Poets Society.


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