I Can Fly by Gail Johnston

Looking up at the boundless space of blue
Free falling from the perch I sat upon
Wondering how I got to this point
The world around me spins out of control
Looking down at the city streets
Dingy and dirty and cluttered
The world as I knew it has lost its luster
Not so cosmopolitan anymore
Even the trees hang their heads
Branches drooping, lifeless
Holding its breath
The whole world pauses
Waiting for my next move
Will I catch myself?
Or will I shatter upon the rocks?
Quickly my mind searches
For all the enjoyable moments of my life
It comes up short
In a brief moment
My mind screams
Get rid of the heaviness of your pain
So you can fly
The rocks are coming up fast
I open my eyes
And see you walking away
I do not call out to you

Gail Johnston is an Illinois native, and has been writing poetry for over 30 years. She has poems published in “Our World’s Most Beloved Poems”, and “On Gossamer Wings”, from The International Library of Poetry. She also has a book of poems that came out in 2007 called “Whispers in the Mist”, she has a children’s book that came out in 2007 also, called “The Shaggy Pony and the Spotted Pup, and her first novel, “Apple Creek Farm” came out in March of 2016. Gail lives in the timberland of Illinois, and shares her home with her dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, and a peacock named Sammy.


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