He Loved All The Women In The World by Victor Henry

Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
                                                             Mark Twain

Like he loved his wife, a woman of exquisite beauty,
A woman of impressionable charm, a woman witty,
Seductive, and intelligent.

But when his dreams magnified into manifestations
Of heaven and hell, both in perpetual conflict,
He learns unconsciously

A new language only he understands.
It’s as if he’s been administered LSD,
Like a CIA test subject in their mind control program.

It’s as if he’s found
The ultimate truth. It’s as if
The tension of opposites such as

Love-hate, death-life, right-wrong
Are the intuitive answers
He’s been seeking all along.

He questions his interpretation
Of his creation story unfolding,
Discovers erect Homo sapiens, modern humans,

Taking their first steps as hunter gatherers.
Asks specifically what is his role
As the actor in this cosmic comic play?

Victor Henry
My poetry and prose poems have appeared in Misfit Magazine, Dead Snakes, Homestead Review, The Paterson Literary Review, Red River Review, and Slipstream, among others. My book What They Wanted was published last November 11th, Veterans Day, by FutureCycle Press in Lexington, Kentucky. http://victor-henry.net/

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