Last Dispute by Noel Negele

My best friend’s father
Got knifed outside his house
By his neighbor

They had a dispute over
A single yard of land
Between their houses

The knife went through his heart
And he died instantly
In front of his wife

The neighbor was arrested
A while after—
A short 57year old man
With a dumbfounded look on his face

One life destroyed
One erased

A family trying to make sense
Of the violence and the blood
Dousing the earth like rain

And a single yard of land
No longer claimed by anyone.

Noel Negele was born and raised in Albania but currently resides in Greece. Most of his scribblings are alive on Dead Snakes and a couple are featured on Horror Sleaze Trash, Midnight Lane Boutique and YourOnePhoneCall. Not much else to say.

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