No Chance by Gary Huggins

Dripped down from the bottle
only to miss the glass
I dreamt of you again last night
at the tips of my fingers
The smoothest skin
those gentle curves
I slid down the dunes of your ribs
rose up to lean forth and taste your lips

awoke to no new revelations
just the sense of falling
in between the cracks
of cheaply carved oak
to sink in between cracked slabs
away from this world
and out of your mind

Gary Huggins is a Kent/ Brighton based poet, writer of short fiction and experimental musician.
He is an active member of the Brighton poetry scene. And is in the process of publishing his first chapbook with ‘Famous Seamus’.
His poetry is often but not exclusively based around; addiction, activism, alienation, mental health, and jazz music. Often blending dark humor, with heartbreaking honesty, alongside both grotesque and alluring imagery.


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