Not Wasted, Wasted. by N.Blood

I can’t even remember
The last time
I emptied the internal organs
Out through my mouth.
I can’t remember being
So violently turned on my head
At my own hands
That I could not hold my lunch
I didn’t eat dinner
Spinning endlessly
Wishing for death.
Which leaves me asking
Am I really getting wise
Or just getting old?
You probably think
boring if nothing else…

Drawing from experience playing in dirty punk bands around Sydney, living in a European homeless shelter, squatting in derelict office buildings across London, adventures into the Himalayan mountains and the Sahara Desert, and ongoing escapades; N.Blood is arranging and rearranging words for your pleasure.
N.Blood is Poet, Flash Fictionist, Neo-journalist and a twisted form of modern essayist.

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