Zika, Zika by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

The fear mongers are at it again.
Mosquitoes that make your baby’s head
obscenely small
like a deflated balloon.
And they’re spraying everywhere.
Like some startled tomato juice skunk.
It is the 1950s all over again.
DDT making a comeback the sorry mop top Beatles
never could.
Women told not to get pregnant for two years
as though bar culture just stops in traffic.
And there is a shampoo for everything these days
have you noticed that:
dry scalp, no scalp, the many 2 in 1 ones
of hermaphroditic hygiene.
Boarded up windows like a new way
of not blinking.

Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Ryan Quinn Flanagan is a happily unmarried proud father of none. His work can be found both in print and online in such joints as Your One Phone Call, Horror Sleaze Trash, and Dead Snakes. He has an affinity for dragonflies, discount tequila, and all things sarcastic.

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