Roads by Obed Ladiny

Wonder where this is going?
Reminds me of Frost’s poem, The Road
Not Taken. It’s like missing an exit
in an unfamiliar highway
or mistakenly coming out of one
where we should have kept on going,
and if we’re lucky
we’d reach our destinations
still in our right minds—weary,

but freshly scented
as if we haven’t been scorched by summers
and frozen by winters—
all at once,

so when old acquaintances see us
they’d say ‘Gosh, ya’ll haven’t changed one bit.’
And we’d believe ’em.

Obed Ladiny is an emerging lover of poetry, who lives in Tennessee. His favorite poets include Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, and Billy Collins. In his spare moments between working and reading, he contributes his own to the art.



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