A Walk In The Park by Daginne Aignend

Together, walking the dogs in the village park
The dim sun is spreading a diffuse light
Slowly dissipating the chill morning haze

The dogs are chasing a gnawed tennis ball
A whirl of autumn leaves, a colored tableau
Effusing the fragrance of fungus and herbs

Acorns are covering the humid soil
I wonder if the rabbits would eat them
A variation on their humdrum dandelion diet

Oh, this wonderful autumn sentiment

Your voice is interrupting my musings
There is something you need to tell
Suddenly I feel needles of ice twinge my skin

It happened a few months ago, exhaustion
This awful disease put its claws in you
Your brave smile, telling me you’ll fight it

I knew, it would be an early winter.

Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch poetess Inge Wesdijk She started to write English poetry four years ago and posted some of her poems on her Facebook page and on her website She likes hardrock music, photography and fantasy books. Daginne is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time with her animals.

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