Larry Masters, 2499 E. 22nd Street, Apt. 12374-B, Destination Fry’s Grocery by Mather Schneider

Howdy Mr. Cab Driver, how’s it going?
What’s your name?
What kind of name is that?
Where you from?
You married?
Is she good looking?
You don’t like kids?
How long you been driving a cab?
You like driving a cab?
Is this your only job?
I’ll bet you meet a lot of people.
What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you
while driving a cab?
What do you do when you’re not driving a cab?
No hobbies?
What are you, like 55?
You go to church?
You vote?
Who you vote for?
What about that ISIS?
What about that Obama?
What about that Hillary?
Hot huh?
Can you change the radio station?
Can you watch those bumps?
Can you turn the AC up?
Can you turn the AC down?
Know any good jokes?
Do you take a lunch break?
Have you ever eaten at We Went Wongs?
Have you ever eaten at Red Lobster?
Have you ever eaten at Poca Cosa?
You like sports?
Know a place where they fix wheelchairs?
I saw this funny thing on Facebook, want to see?
You ever seen those jet trails in the sky?
You know that’s the government trying to change
the atmosphere so they can control
our minds, right?
You ever been to Eloy?
You ever been to Two Dot?
You ever had a kidney stone?
What do you think about those damn Mexicans?

You don’t talk much, do you?

Mather Schneider is 46 years old. He has had hundreds of poems and stories published since 1993 in places like Rattle, Nerve Cowboy, Slipstream, Nimrod, River Styx and Smokelong. He has 3 full length books, DROUGHT RESISTANT STRAIN, HE TOOK A CAB and THE SMALL HEARTS OF ANTS, with another, PRICKLY, coming early in 2017. He divides his time between Tucson, Arizona and northern Mexico, where his wife is from. He earns his living by driving a cab.

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