Bones Stitched Together by John Tustin

Bones stitched together
Just wire and paper clips

I tripped over love
And I fell into the maw
Of failure

Convalescing in these spartan rooms
Of bare walls
And loveless paranoia

Safe from the slashing touch
Of the rain
Save for the jangly sound
That permeates the roof
And makes me think of how

I slipped and fell
I slipped and fell
And looked into you
And now
Here I am

Trying to learn how
To walk again
Without the assistance
Of anyone

You walked on
Without me
And suffered
A scratch

Face stitched together
Filled in with rubber and sand

My eyes keep filling with tears
And blood

It hurts like a sonofabitch

When I try
To smile

John Tustin is currently suffering in exile on Elba. His published poetry is available at


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