Non-Fiction by Beth Gordon

To some it reads like a fairy tale: 323 reindeer
died in Norway this week, a single lightning
strike and down they went, their mouths
filled with wild mushrooms and artic
char, dreaming of berries, not far to fall on

short but sturdy legs. Odd but not rare.
19 cows in Texas, chewing grass with mild
herbivore teeth and then the flash, the collapse.
A freak accident said the farmer’s wife but she
doesn’t know the truth.  Lightning killed

38 sheep in India a few days ago and 21 pigs,
black and crispy, in Joliet, Illinois. Soccer teams,
charity golf outings, debutantes sipping ice
tea beneath a weeping willow on a balmy
Mississippi evening.  Nothing super


Beth Gordon
Beth spends most Friday nights in the home of her friends, JD and Dale, drinking wine and writing about drinking wine. After doing this for a couple of years, they decided to see if anything they had written might entertain other people. She has most recently been published in Straight Up Magazine and on-line at the Dime Show Review.

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