The Operator by Joan McNerney

with such a pleasant voice so sincere
and trusting (a female, of course).
She was automated and kept on kept on kept on
apologizing how she did not get it right.

Mangling my unfortunate last name
‘til finally it became mammary.  I am
not an udder breast person. It’s bad enough
being Irish!    Was she hinting I was mammal
as in whale?   She sounded thin.

Her call back was also unreasonable.
What was wrong with my Yes?
After four times, I considered disconnecting
my phone.  Finally I pressed the right button
and our conversation ended abruptly.

Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Camel Saloon, Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, Halcyon Days, as well as several Bright Hills Press, Kind of A Hurricane Press and Poppy Road Review anthologies. She has been nominated four times for Best of the Net. She lives in Albany, New York, USA



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