Ode To My Psychology Professor by Jack M. Freedman

I am not your encyclopedia of defense mechanisms
I am not your archetypal fool in a deck of tarot cards
Embodiment of magician and priestess I am
Knowledge and wisdom recently conferred to create a concrete caution
It wouldn’t be a good idea
for you to invade my psychic space.
There are snipers hiding in the recesses of my mind
They never miss their mark
The gunmen do not hesitate
before taking aim.
If you know my process in the Biblical sense
or connect condescendingly,
my bite is worse than my bark.
and I seldom bark.
I narrate my own life
and I’ll be transparent on my own accord
Intellect is a gift and not a defense
I am more of an expert on me than you will ever be
My symbols will become
more and more indecipherable.
You might have an easier time
breaking into Area 51,
because the creatures I harbor
are provocative and won’t hesitate
to decapitate you with their fangs.
I am the museum of natural history
which is known for repetition,
but never for resurrection.
Hot as meteors that killed the dinosaurs.
Cold as ice that killed the mammoths.
You see,
access is denied to those
looking to find the hidden context of my words
rather than see them for what they truly are.
You are a dangerous breed,
not caring how many dead bodies
you would need to excavate
in order to invade from below.
My trust is Fort Knox.
It is gold wrapped in stone.
This is something you failed to see
because you tried to crack me open.
No fortune can be derived from the crack.
I won’t let you shake me up.
No fortune can be derived from the shake
and the outlook will always be hazy.
I recommend not trying again.
Will you succeed if you do?
**All signs point to
This could have been avoided ages ago.
It was a bad idea to get too analytical
and believe me,
you put the ANAL in ANALYSIS.
My words will not provide you with hints.
No part of speech will assist you.
Including, but not limited to nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns,
prepositions, conjunctions, quantifiers, determiners, articles…
Wait, here’s an interjection for you.
You don’t realize the source of my hostility?
Let me be as straight as possible without leaving much to interpretation.
Instead of trying to batter down my door like a barbarian…
…you could’ve just knocked.

Jack M. Freedman is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. He is the author of Serotonin Seas, Never Lick the Spoon, and Tobias. Publications in which his work can be found include Third Rail, Unquiet Desperation, First Literary Review-East, Espresso Ink, Boston Literary Magazine, Eunoia Review, Acoustic Levitation, NYSAI Press, St. Gorge Day StoryBook, typoetic.us, di-verse-city, Advanced Chapbook No. 5, POSTblank, Madness Muse, and Rat’s Ass Review.

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