I Buy Ghost Books by Melanie Browne

I am trying to
cull books
which is hard
I have to cull books
to make room
for other books.
kids books
lemony snicket,
or educational
books about
& gators.
I buy
ghost books
and horoscope
I buy old books,
sexy books,
books that make
promises that they
cant deliver,
I buy books
from the underground
books about
The English Foxhound
hippie books,
cook books,
books about
Lyndon Johnson,
poetry books,
photography books
art books
but the ones
I always throw away
are the self help books,
they just sit there
holding out a carrot
of ultimate
a sick tease
Yes I throw
those books
away first

Melanie Browne
Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas with her husband and three kids.

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