When Your Brain Arrives by Katharine Battistoni

for me in a sleek beaker of
formaldehyde I’ll have been through
sighing and crying, fucking overjoyed I’ll
jump up to greet the UPS man,
try in vain to tip him, kiss him, ’ll clutch
the box in my hands rip it raw like treebark
expose your brain to sunlight your brain
when exposed to sun will refract
and dazzle it like a prism will dazzle
the sun with unending incomprehensible
light and I’ll clutch it tight as if to
never let it go as if to hold it forever
tight to my tits cradled in close cotton
but in the next moment of sure madness I’ll let go –
slowmo it’ll seem but it’ll be my brain stem that decides
leaving me totally innocent of the act
of fucking smashing your mortal remains on the banal cement
of my front walk!

Katharine Battistoni lives in Austin, TX, with a typewriter, three guitars, and the complete works of e e cummings, if possessions designate character. She can be found here: crunchyfatt.tumblr.com and here: katiesolo.bandcamp.com.



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