Fire and Ice by Ben Rasnic

The cold has settled
in these chalky, arthritic bones;
inflamed & fluid filled,
joints ache & creak
like a weathered wooden
screen door
on rusted hinges;
snap & pop
like a crackling campfire
or the lethargic melt
of a frozen pond’s
icy sheen.

Passion races through my veins
as a Molotov cocktail
served with gasoline
yet my indifference
weighs heavy
like cold moss covered stones
forged in a deep
dark riverbed.

I am the whooping crane
perched perfectly balanced
at the water’s edge;
the playful penguin
slip sliding foolishly
in the arctic glaze.

I am all of the above
I am none of the above.

Ben Rasnic is originally from Jonesville, Va (population <1000). His published poetry collections include: “Artifacts and Legends”, “Puppet”, “The Eleventh Month” and “Synchronicity”.

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