It is told again, by Allison Grayhurst

the tale of a woman
buried by family and mountains
of laundry. Hollowed-out with
nothing to speak of, not the love she
feels when she sees her children smile
nor the fire in her lungs that longs to explode
onto the canvas of what kept her alive from
the beginning.

It is told again, a week of work and half-sleeping
nights – when joy is in the palm but is hard to
experience, for the poetic nutrients that keep her
mind’s eye vivid is robbed of their effect. It is not
time nor eternity but the simple task of claiming what
is hers, of demanding the chance to be on all sides fulfilled.

It is told again,
but this time she will break the cards differently –
her chores will be abandoned but her children will see
their mother as one who refuses to hurt
beyond repair, who holds herself an equal
and never releases
the grip.

Allison Grayhurst is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. Three times nominated for Sundress Publications “Best of the Net” 2015, she has over 900 poems published in over 390 international journals. She has twelve published books of poetry, seven collections, nine chapbooks, and a chapbook pending publication. She lives in Toronto with her family. She is a vegan. She also sculpts, working with clay;


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