Charlie’s Girls by Natalie Crick

The lollipop
He was suck, suck, sucking
Stained his lips
Cherry pink.

Charlie’s girls,
Daddy’s girls
Sing his sunset song
As the sun melts black.

His little Queens
Float outside the window
To tell him he is
Not alone.

Scratching at the glass
With blackened nails.
Black dresses fluttering in the wind.

Some sad boy.
Bad boy.

You wear your mask.
And in the cold light of day
No one will ever find out.

Natalie Crick has found delight in writing all of her life and first began writing when she was a very young girl. Her poetry is influenced by melancholic confessional Women’s poetry. Her poetry has been published in a range of journals and magazines including Cannons Mouth, Cyphers, Ariadne’s Thread, Carillon and National Poetry Anthology 2013.

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