Journeys to the American Dream by Obed Ladiny

Dive your nose in black coffee at Joe’s Café,
awake, awake,
the girls need Mattel dolls and a playhouse

What if you return home one day, only to tell them
you were sent off with a pink slip in hand,
and have to watch their wondering eyes stare?

Dive your head in the men’s restroom sink,
awake, awake,
the boys need toy soldiers and mini corvettes

What if you tell yourself  ‘Hell to the American dream’,
snore under your cozy blanket till sundown?
Honey moves around in the kitchen
in her pink Victoria lingerie, strangely silent,
cracks your eggs in a white ceramic bowl.

Dive your head in a warm shower,
awake, awake,
you’ll want her signature eggs rising up

Obed Ladiny is an emerging lover of poetry, who lives in Tennessee. His favorite poets include Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, and Billy Collins. In his spare moments between working and reading, he contributes his own to the art.

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