When You Die You Live On Through Facebook by Thomas Fucaloro

You leave your body
transubstantiated, lost
in the night stars
twinkle this computer
an avatar.

The afterlife is
a computer screen,
it’s where we all glow now,
our souls do not lift to the heavens
they are still dying down here
with us.

Look, my Uncle Bobby
who passed 2 years ago
still finds time/ to tag me
and 49 others because
Sunglass Hut is having
a sale.

Whenever I make
event invites, Facebook
always suggests the dead
as if they might show up
and they usually do
way earlier
than the living.

When it is your birthday and you have passed on
and if you are still a member of Facebook they will
still remind me of your birthday and that will make me happy
until I think about your death and then I am sad,
Facebook is a bi-polar social experiment.

The dead are in our computers from the news
to old OK Cupid profiles, the dead still date,
the dead still show themselves to be living
you can Google any death you want
and something comes up
and this something comes alive in you
this something eats at you; it watches you
death watches you

from the other side

of the screen.

Thomas Fucaloro
Thomas Fucaloro is an NYC poet. He has 2 books out by three rooms press, his latest one, “It Starts from the Belly and Blooms” has received rave reviews. He has graduated with an MFA at the New School for Creative Writing. He has been on 3 national slam teams and was the Inspired Word’s 2012 Grand Slam Champion. He is a co-founding editor of Great Weather for Media and NYSAI press. He is a writing coordinator at the Harlem Children’s Zone. He just recently won a performance grant from the Staten Island Council of the Arts and the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs. His new chapbook “Mistakes Disguised as Stars” by tired hearts press was released in March and his next chapbook “Depression Cupcakes” will be released in June through “Yes, Poetry.”

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