Truffles To A Pig by Katharine Battistoni

Lap dancers get larger tips
around the time of ovulation
somebody did a study

I can’t wait to be a scientist

Menstruating women
are hornier because
they know they can’t get pregnant

How he smiled
as he bought my tampons

And how on the fourteenth day
my oxytocin tried to get me by
enhancing prosocial behaviours

I was all hugs that day

He was blushing as I
rose up close my armpits

On the fourteenth day

Must’ve smelled
to him like truffles
to a pig like lavender perfume

like fresh eggs

worming through holes

Katharine Battistoni lives in Austin, TX, with a typewriter, three guitars, and the complete works of e e cummings, if possessions designate character. She can be found here: and here:

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