Censor by Katie Lewington

i will write these words, elbow
bent and laying on the desk
my face closer, pressed almost to the page
in a lust of wanting to sweep
free all of that that has bothered me
and i will give them to you to read
perhaps you can give me some
feedback, i don’t know
see what you think
I’ve been itching to say this
i haven’t censored myself
just so you don’t get offended by what i say
because if i don’t offend you
why would you read
140 characters, well why not
heck, I’ve nothing else to say
so many websites, stumbled on articles
links to
all bringing us stories, documenting
children that doctors advised
should have been aborted
celebrities going under the knife for a fifth time etc.
we became journalists for this!
comment boxes to see which smart arse hits me up first
i want your best chat up line.

Katie Lewington
Katie Lewington is a UK based writer and has been drafting, editing and rewriting her bio since she started submitting to literary magazines and journals two years ago. It isn’t as if she doesn’t know who she is, she just isn’t sure what is relevant. Her creative writing can be read at https://katiecreativewriterblog.wordpress.com or https://gumroad.com/katielewington She can be contacted through Twitter @idontwearahat

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