Reader’s Handbook by Katie Lewington

My name is Katie Lewington and I blog at

I have been reviewing books for one year now and I have noticed that small presses and independent authors don’t get enough eyes on their writing. I want to challenge the status quo.
I am looking to fill pages of a book, that I have tentatively titled Reader’s Handbook.

I am looking for zines, information about you and your writing/books, if you would like to be interviewed on your writing, have unpublished articles about subjects on writing, extracts of your unpublished writing, and books of all genres to be featured. I want this to be a resource for all readers and writers.
If you do wish to contribute please send in a Word document any pieces of writing, pictures, links etc to this email address
If you have any ideas, or questions feel free to ask.
Also if you know of any other authors, websites, or presses please do share this post with them. If you know anybody that can do the cover art of this book let me know!

All the best
Katie Lewington


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