These Know Nothing Doctors by Joan McNerney

Who see me as a caricature
so quick in their criticism
using flash cards for diagnosis.

They pretend to understand me
never having known poverty
forgetting I can hardly walk.

How convenient to cuddle up.
Compliment my beauty.
You really need glasses, Doctor.

So unimaginative…thinking of
themselves, believing every one
is a healthy rich, white man.

Poor communicators. Refusing
to listen, won’t study up.
Business dummies.

Can’t use the brains you were born with.
Feel sorry for yourselves.  How hard
is it to lift a prescription pad?

And your underlings, nurses, nitwits
who kowtow to you and want us
patients to salute in total obedience.

Who is paying your salaries? And who
wants to play medical mafia roulette
with a bunch of creeps like you?

Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Camel Saloon, Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, Halcyon Days, as well as several Bright Hills Press, Kind of A Hurricane Press and Poppy Road Review anthologies. She has been nominated four times for Best of the Net. She lives in Albany, New York, USA

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