From a Michigan Summer by Scott Silsbe

That night we went to The Outer Limits.
It was a small dive, I think in Hamtramck,
and I didn’t know many people in our crew
besides Abbie, my old friend from college.
There were pitchers of beer and there was
a karaoke DJ set up in one corner of the bar.
People went up to the microphone and sang
Poison and Guns N’ Roses tunes to the bar.
I got up and sang Stevie Wonder’s song
“Boogie on Reggae Woman”, doing my
very best shimmy during the instrumental
part of the song. Everybody cheered when
I returned to the table, and a total stranger,
this drunk girl, came up to our table, tapped
me on the shoulder, and said all drawled out,
“Yuuugh daaance liiike howa I daaance…”

Scott Silsbe was born in Detroit and now lives in Pittsburgh. His poems have recently appeared in numerous periodicals including Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, and The Chariton Review. He is the author of two collections of poems: Unattended Fire and The River Underneath the City.

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